Being Gay: Discrimination In The SAGA Community

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It’s a common notion in religion that being gay is a choice. Many scientists have looked for a ‘gay gene’. Though they found a close match, they need gene that would reliably make someone gay. Through psychological studies the perspective has changed. Though a gene was found that had higher prevalence in gay men, scientists still do more studies. Being gay is not a choice. The discrimination you face in the SAGA community is not one that would be chosen. There is evidence that a part of the brain is possibly linked to sexuality and preference. Studies have shown that, as well as psychological evidenced, that being gay seems to be have higher upstanding when family members are also gay or bisexual.

The discrimination that people face in the SAGAs community can be very violent. Those who are homosexual often wish they were not. On regards to discrimination, many teenagers are kicked out from their homes and over 40% of the homeless youth identify in the SAGA community. They are also at a heightened risk of violence, abuse and exploitation. One of the least accepting attitudes toward homosexuality takes place in Western culture. It is often found in the Juedo-Christian moral of it being a sin. Christian traditions were, “considered an abomination punishable by death, and Christian tradition has carried this forward this condemnatory attitude.” (Kommer, 333). This
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INAH3, a region of the brain in the hypothalamus, is significantly smaller in gay men rather than in heterosexual men. INAH3 is a part of the brain that regulates sexual urges. In cases the size of INAH3 in homosexual men was the same size as a heterosexual woman. This link lead to a possible conclusion that this part of the brain could control sexual preference. (Mauch & Zamichow,