Being Homeless Research Paper

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Homelessness is the main problem that affects a lot of peoples' lives on the earth. Can you imagine a life without a home? Wake up one day and see yourself in a situation that you were never been before, and you have no idea how to get out of it. It likes being in hell. Homelessness is the worst thing that anyone would never like to end up with. Being Homeless brings people's life in so many dangerous things. Homeless people die from malnutrition because they have no ones to provide food for them. Some of them die from being abused and murdered.
There are many things that can bring people to become homeless, such as low income, unemployment, and divorce. First, there are many people in Florida that become homeless because of their low incomes.
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This year, the rate of the unemployment in the United State has risen to 4.8 percent. They are seeking for a job. Some of them have diploma high school and others do not have one. I have the previous memory about a man who was in that situation. His name was Roberto Cherry. He was living with his aunt’s because he did not have a job. He was seeking for a job. While he was there; a lot of things happen to him. His wife left him alone. Two months later, he finally had a job. He was a truck driver. He started to make money and then He left his aunt house. In six months, he fell in love with a beautiful woman named Maria Jean. They are getting married; everything was working out for them. Later, he lost his job and failed to find another job. While he was waiting for them to call him for the job, he lost his car. Also, His aunt died two Months before; he had lost his job. He did not have anyone to run on. He became homeless because they did not call him for the job Another cause that makes people become homeless is divorce. When two couples are getting divorced; one could end up homeless because one was dependent on the other. Most of the time the man could have a job with a degree or skills, but the woman does not have a degree. That means when they separated; she will not have enough money to