Being in a Revolution War in Nicaragua Essay

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There are many people who have witnessed or experienced a major historic event in their lifetime. A major event weather historic or not it can be intense when it involves one’s personal connection. My mother participated in the revolutionary war in Nicaragua (1978-1979), she was fighting for freedom. In her desire to voice her opinion, she joined this revolution. The revolution was based on the government and how it mistreated its citizens Ixcel Sambola, my mother, was 17 years old in 1978 when she left the family’s home to participate in this revolution. My mother choice to join this uprising was compellations with her fellow classmates. The war, as most wars are, was horrific. Every Nicaraguan was confine indoors and all activities including schools and businesses were closed. Mother, has a correlation of witnessing the shooting of several Nicaraguan citizens. This was, along with her peers from high school, the deciding point for her to join the quest of freedom. Ixcel Sambola, a strong will, independent young women informed my grandmother she will be moving to the capital of Nicaragua, with her fellow volunteers. Additionally, she explained she will also look for work to support herself. At this point, mother was flabbergasted because grandmother actually believed not only in her daughter but also her quest. As with all plans, like my mother’s, things were not exactly as she thought. Ixcel with her all of her belongings, after arriving in Managua began a training program with the Sandinistas. The Sandinistas were the revolutionary group that strived to defeat the contras, the group of Nicaragua citizens who been aided with finances from United States of America. My mother motivation was based on the Sandinistas desire of independence and to out the Nicaragua dictator Anastasio Somoza . The apartment idea was replaced with the living on the military base. Anastasio Somoza, my mother who related to me, was not only a dictator, but his criminal acts included slaughtering not only his own people by forcing his soldiers, to do horrific acts of cruelty. These acts of pure atrousty included tossing humans into areas that had been active volcanoes, feeding humans to animals, or just shooting them. For the people of Nicaragua the dictator Somonza was a heartless, careless, self obsessed man, who was only interested with wealth. Clearly, this was a sub human being that needed to be removed from power. This sweet loving woman, that was my mother who also was the strong determined soldier that saw evil and placed herself a harm’s way to correct it. At this point, in my interview I learned something about my mother, I never knew. The woman who kissed my “boo boos” and sang lull byes, is a complete different person today.
As our interview continue, after both of us took deep breath and composed ourselves. I asked my mother several pointed questions. I came out and asked mother if she recalled, actually killing anyone? She answered in a slow low voice that she couldn’t remember. From her response I assume that the horrible things that she had…