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Being Influential

Being influential is an important way to show people my personality and interests. I use influential styles mainly at work to let management know what my interests are in the company. Some of the influential styles I use are friendliness, reasoning and assertiveness. I use these styles at the workplace so that I can be considered for special projects and to let management know that I am interested in moving up in the company.
Friendliness is a very important part of being influential. At my job, I smile at customers and let them know that I am friendly and available if they need my assistance. I am also friendly with the management team and coworkers. I show my friendliness by making small talk and showing interest in their interests leaving the impression that I am approachable. This has afforded me to gain extra hours at work, be a part of various activities, and being granted days off without advance notice. I make sure not to overuse this strategy so that I do not come off as a brownnoser.
I work in a high volume retail store which can be very hectic. Because of this, it is easy to lose focus of what is going on and what needs to be done. Most times we are short staff and do not have enough people to handle the high volume of customers and complete daily tasks. This can become overwhelming. Since I have built a rapport with my manager, I use my reasoning skills to explain some ways we can be more productive and efficient during our shifts. My suggestions include zoning employees for each section so the store can be tidy and making sure a good amount of staff is scheduled so that the workplace is not frantic or stressful. In return, we as employees can be more productive and organized. I like to be available for different projects at my job. There are always opportunities that can be easily taken advantage of. To…