Being Lost Essay

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Fearing the unknown is so immensely common and completely normal yet, for some reason, I cannot get past it. Whether it be walking around a new college campus, driving to a place I've never been, or finding my way around an unfamiliar building, getting lost is one of my greatest fears. One sunny day in July of this summer, I decided I would take my dog to the regional park near my house. To give some background, Ball's Bluff Regional Park is where the Battle of Ball's was fought in the American Civil War. It's about 80 acres full of trees and little paths to "follow" that "always lead back to the main entrance." So Otto and I got to the park around 11 am and walked the little paths for about an hour and a half. I was so certain I was near the entrance but suddenly I looked down to realize the path disappeared. I turned around and walked exactly backwards from where I was in hopes of finding the path again but it was hopeless. I was lost. In a forest. With nothing but trees around me. The moment I realized this, my chest became tight and my heart began to pound faster than it ever had. My palms were sweating and my dog could tell something was wrong. I was in full panic mode. Then I remembered that I could just map where I was with my handy dandy smart phone, right? Wrong. Even my smart phone didn't know where I was. This is when I panicked some more, swallowed my pride, got over my embarrassment, and called Mom. Of course she didn't answer though. I called our house phone seven times and her cell phone about 10 more times. I soon gave up, sat down on a log, prayed, and cried. If a tree falls in the middle of a forest, does it still make a sound? This is exactly how I felt. I screamed at the top of my lungs for hours in hopes that someone would respond. I knew that I had been walking in circles when I passed the same soda can and the same pile of deer feces about 5 times. My Mom finally called me back but what could she do? She didn't know where I was either. By this point my legs were bleeding everywhere from sticks and bushes we trenched through and my poor dog had…