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The Indonesian archipelago, the world’s fourth most populace country, is also a land of many cultures, customs, artworks and foods. Nevertheless, the country has been faced with countless challenges over the years. Classified as a developing country, Indonesia lacks various amounts of resources and technology needed to maintain a healthy life style. Moreover, environmental disasters and critical attacks on the nation have only intensified the long list of predicaments the country has been faced against. As a result, many of Indonesia’s industries were greatly affected and so was the economy. In obtaining 5 billion dollars to aid the country, not only will Indonesia benefit significantly, but so will the people of the nation, as individuals.

Indonesia does not have major exponential population growth issues however, the available resources and conditions of living are lacking in comparison to those of first world countries. Although an overall population of approximately 248 million people is not considered to be particularly overpopulated, 123.76 people living per square kilometers is a large amount greater than those of a country in North America or Western Europe and the current population growth rate is 1.04% per year. At stage two of the Demographic Transition Model, Indonesia is still a developing nation, with a dependency ratio of 47.83, including a considerable amount of infants being born, as demonstrated by the population pyramid with 24 million people between 0-4 years of age. Based on the relatively high infant mortality rate, which is at 27 births per 1000 deaths as well as a low life expectancy of 68.9 years, we can conclude that the medical care is not comparable to a North American standard.

Indonesia is currently struggling with an array of problems that are interconnected, which directly affects the people of the nation. The country has had a history of terrorist attacks that can be affiliated with the Al Qaeda Islamic terrorist group which temporarily resides in the Indonesia region that are attempting to convert Indonesia into an Islamic nation. These attacks mainly target Western tourists, as well as Indonesian citizens. The most serious was an attack on a popular tourist site in Bali, which resulted in the deaths of 202 people. As a result of this, the U.S. government issued warnings to United States citizens about visiting Indonesia. As a result, Indonesia’s tourist industry was greatly affected and so was the economy. Although Indonesia has been successful in the control violence, they are continuing their arrests and convictions as the risk is still a conflicting problem today.

As an effect of all the conflicts that arose over the recent history of Indonesia, money is a desperate necessity to repair the country in hopes of regaining the health and serenity of the country. The two main obstacles being recovery of The South Asian Tsunami and health care, the 5 billion dollars would be an extremely beneficial start to the country’s recuperation. The money would go towards constructing new homes for those who lost theirs, and getting them back on their feet, if they haven’t already. Health care is also a substantial issue in Indonesia, and needs to be addressed. Based on the relatively high infant mortality rate, and the low life expectancy of 68.9 years, we can conclude that the medical care is not at all equivalent to a healthy one. Therefore, a component of the money would go to hospitals, supporting them with useful technology, and to a new and improved health care system. The money would not only bring health to the country, but hope to the money individuals that have lost it.

Standards of living are very different in almost all the countries, but are defined as the level of wealth, comfort, and necessities available to a certain country. Food access is one of the things that can make it difficult. Individuals who live below the World Bank’s US$ 1.25 Purchasing