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Running head: BEING SUPERHUMAN 1 Being Superhuman Without Superpowers
Blair Beilby
Brandman University
Having good morals and positive ethics instilled in children is crucial in developing them throughout their childhood as they grow. When such morals and ethics are presented to them, they can develop into superhero type people with the attitudes they have and the morals they show, making them positive members of society. Many articles were written researching what good morals, characters, attitudes, and ethics provided for children under certain real life scenarios that the children could use their good morals and ethics to resolve the situations in a positive manner. Children are always idolizing superheroes throughout their lives, so why not give them the groundwork to have a superhero type attitude with the morals and ethics of someone of that status, and let the children discover whatever superpower they might discover they have somewhere down the road with the tools they have to be outstanding human beings.

Being Superhuman Without Superpowers
Children in today’s society have a great admiration of superheroes that they learn about by reading comic books or watching movies with their parents at the movie theatre. They look up to these fictional characters, and dream of what life would be like if they could be superhuman like the superheroes they love. What these children do not quite know or think about is the idea that they all have the equal opportunity to be just like their favorite superheroes, not by sharing their superpowers, but by adopting the superhuman qualities and morals of their favorite superheroes.
This is a great theory and concept, but how the children develop such characteristics needs to be taught to them by the people most influential in their lives: their parents and their teachers. All teachers care about how children develop both intellectually and personally (Eaude, T., & Dawsonera, 2008). Most parents also give a great amount of consideration to the development of their own children as well.
It is crucial that both parents and teachers work together in order to instill such superhuman like qualities in the children they help nurture and grow. When children are getting it from two crucial influences in their life and at two important locations in their life, they are now in an environment where at most times of the day, they are getting these great qualities reinforced in their lives. With this idea set in motion, and with the help and support of the parents of children, teachers doing their best to teach and reinforce the good morals and behaviors, a pattern and change will begin to take form in noticeable fashion.

BEING SUPERHUMAN 4In an article written for the research on moral behavior and selective trust, the authors on what they had found concluded the following; “One of the main risks of human communication lies in the freedom speakers have to intentionally misinform. We found that young children selectively learn from a moral informant over a neutral one, reject the testimony of an immoral informant in favor of a neutral one, and show a superior ability to discriminate speakers in the presence of negative moral behavior” (Doebel, S., & Koenig, M. A., 2013). This conclusion is clear evidence that children approve of someone with good morals over someone without them. If children want to be taught and grow with their peers by someone who is showing them the power of great morals and ethics, then they will do their best to embody everything that their instructor does for them and teaches to them, giving them the groundwork and tools they need to utilize the superpower morals they idolize so much in their favorite heroes.
With the world as it is today, American families are not the most well off anymore when it comes to creating such an environment which instills great morals and