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Hi, my name is Thomas Phelps, I am interested in Being The Change because I enjoy helping people become successful and also being helped along the way. I am mostly a thinker and a do-er at some things. I’m very willing to work for almost anybody, all you have to do is ask me to help you out with something and I will try and do my upmost to help you out. Like I stated before I enjoy helping people succeed with anything they need help with if I am capable of doing so. I for sure like the support Sarah Coleman has been giving me throughout the month or two that I have been playing polo for her husband Dan Coleman. I would love to continue playing polo mainly because it’s something that I enjoy doing and I treasure every second I have to play because I do realize most children or teens don’t get this opportunity or many of the opportunities my family and close family members have given me. I believe Being The Change can help me with the goals that I have reset for myself, just with support from all surrounding Being The Change members because I have not met one Individual involved that is not willing to help others on their journey to success. In my opinion this is going to be the best group or organization that I have gotten involved with so far in my life. Back to polo, I enjoy Dan Coleman’s coaching, he knows how to word things to teens better than some of my old coaches, he helped me out at first by giving me free lessons at least once a week and all I have to do is clean