Being the Youngest in the Family Is Quite an Advantage Essay

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I am the youngest daughter out of the four children in my family; that explains everything. I have two older brothers and an older sister. They are my role model and the center of my life. Growing up my mother has always taught us that education is the key to success. Every day of my life I strive harder to get my A.S degree in science and work even harder to pursuit my goal in getting my Bachelor in Science to begin working as a nurse. To begin with, I believe that being the youngest daughter of four children in my family and looking up at what my siblings have accomplished really motivate me to succeed in college. Seeing my older brother and sister in pharmacy school, have really opened my eyes to pursue my education in nursing. My mother is really proud of me while she motivates me to enroll in college and follow my dreams. Furthermore, growing up in a family that aware of education is the key to success has pushed me to work to the limit to make my mom proud. I would love to gain more knowledge because knowledge is power in this generation. ‘The more knowledge you have the more respect you have in this society”, said my mother. That’s my inspiration and that’s why I struggle every day with these online classes to pass them. Moreover, I believe that being the youngest daughter of four children in my family because after years of observing what my older sibling have done I was motivated to work hard. I believe the main reason why I go to college is