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The story is about Miss Brill, a middle-aged English teacher living by the "Jardins Publiques", the Public Gardens, in a French town. The story begins with Miss Brill "deciding on her fur[...] dear little thing! It was nice to feel it again"[3] The fur is something very dear to her, as she rubs the fur, seeming to put life into the eyes. It follows her on a regular Sunday afternoon in the park, which she spends walking and sitting in the park. She sees the world as a play, as if it were a stage, and enjoys watching the people around her, often judging them condescendingly and eavesdropping on the strangers. The reader learns that Miss Brill's life must be unfilled and this is how she develops her pride.
When she arrives at the park, she notices that there are more people than last Sunday, and the band is especially louder because the Season had commenced. Sitting next to her on the bench was an elderly couple. Their lack of conversation disappointed Miss Brill because she enjoys, "sitting in other people's lives just for a minute while they talked round her."[4] Watching others in the park, she notices that most of the people that sit on the benches are the same; the people are elderly, silent, idle, and appear as though they have come from a small dark place. A woman drops her violet roses, only to be picked up and returned by a young boy. The woman proceeds to dispose of them, and Miss Brill does not know if that is to be well-regarded. After the elderly couple left the bench, Miss Brill seemed to believe that even she took part in the play as she attended every Sunday. Beginning to daydream about how she reads to an elderly man four times a week, she plays a scenario in her mind with the man. She visions that he would no longer sleep through the stories as he normally does once he realized she was an actress, and he would become engaged and excited. Continuing her idea of the play as the band played a new song, she visioned everybody in the park taking part in the song…