A Brief Note On Dogmatic Speech

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bolster: TRANS VERB to encourage or lend support to. Syn: block, undermine
Her words bolstered me in those dark times. bountiful: ADJ liberal in giving; generous. Ant: niggardly, stingy
Matt's bountiful compliments to his teachers on a daily basis made him a favorite on the team disclose: TRANS VERB to make known; reveal Ant: conceal, hide, suppress
The reporter was unwilling to disclose the name of her source. dogmatic: ADJ asserting beliefs and opinions as though they were proven facts.
Matt's dogmatic speech, although opinion-based, was very convincing enterprising: ADJ bold, energetic, and full of initiative. Ant: lazy, unenterprising, unimaginative
As a result of her enterprising attitude, Mary was chosen by her teachers as Student of the Month. illuminate: TRANS VERB to make clear or understandable; clarify; explain. Ant: confuse, darken, obscure
The footnotes help to illuminate the text. to give knowledge to; enlighten
Will you illuminate us as to your intentions? integrity: NOUN a strong sense of honesty and morality; firmness of moral and ethical character. Ant: dishonesty
He showed great integrity when he refused to lie for his employer. muster: TRANS VERB to gather up or call forth (often followed by up).
He mustered up all his strength and pushed the truck over. pivotal: ADJ critically important or crucial; on which something is contingent
It is pivotal to your academic success to stay on top of your homework assignments.