Hindu Beliefs About Goddesses

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A) Explain Hindu beliefs about goddesses (30)
Many Hindus believe that the goddesses are great role models in order to keep their dharma they can inspire to become more like certain goddesses. There are different parts in the goddesses that many Hindus look at for example Sita is seen to be a perfect example of the Hindu wife and mother. Certain myths can also help Hindus understand how they have helped the earth.
One goddess which is hugely worshipped is Sita who is the consort to Rama. Hindus believe that Sita always does her duty as a perfect wife she is an excellent role model for Hindus wives to follow, they believe that when Sita was captured by the demon Ravana she was always faithful to Rama and when Rama doubted Sita’s purity he abandoned Sita and for many years she brought her children up with the help of valmiki, after Sita said to Rama that if she was pure then the earth would swallow her if she was pure. Sita was always obedient and loyal to her husband who came first every time. She was also a good mother to her twins even though she was treated badly she never complained. Sita is also regarded as a daughter of the earth goddess as she was discovered in a furrow field.
Another belief is of the goddess Lakshmi who is known to the goddess of good fortune. Many Hindus pray to her when the need help with money, Lakshmi is worshiped greatly though out Divali for hope with a prosperous new year. She personifies wealth, loveliness, grace and charm. She is also represents liberation (moksha) form the cycle of life and death (samsara). Lakshmi is the concert of Vishnu and she has always appeared as a faithful partner in all carnations. There is a belief that Lakshmi has come in many forms when Vishnu was vaman the dwarf Lakshmi appeared as lotus (Padma and kalma). When Vishnu was parsuram, Lakshmi was Dharni. When Vishnu became Rama, Lakshmi became Sita and when Vishnu became Krishna Lakshmi appeared as both Rhada and his wife Rukamini. However although chosen by Vishnu to be his consort, Lakshmi remained an avid devotee to Shiva. She would offer a thousand flowers every day to Shiva but one day she was two short so she was going to offer her breast as once Shiva described her breasts as lotus flowers but after cutting of one Shiva appeared and stopped her this is where her image of standing on the lotus flower comes from. The birth of Lakshmi is connected to the Hindu myth called samudramanthan (the churning of the ocean).
Kali is known as the black one, she is the goddess of destruction but also an end to all destruction. She is called the black one because she Is known as having frightening appearance with wild eyes, a tongue which hangs out and dreadful teeth Kali also wears a garland of skulls. At night she also swallows everything. Kali is believed to win the battle with demon Raktabija whom the gods could not kill. Every drop of blood that touched the ground transformed into another demon after the god trying to defeat Raktabija there was a battle field covered in demons. Kali rode onto the battleground on her lion this is where she commanded the gods to attack the demon as she spread her enormous tongue in order to prevent a single drop to fall to the ground. She is worshipped widely by tribal groups where many offer blood offering. Even today buffaloes and goats are scarified to the goddess in order to appease her. Although kali is repulsive she also has an attractive side as she devotes worship as a divine mother. Many believe that although she is portrayed as a repulsive goddess she shows aspects of carrying out what she needed to do and also combatted good over evil which Is also a main theme in the Ramayana which shows she is devoted and knows her duties.
Durga is the warrior god mother goddess. She is one of the famine powers of Shiva. Her role is to combat evil and imbalance with action and defense. She is usually portrayed both fierce and beautiful where she rides on a lion holding many weapons which