Beliefs: Easter Bunny and Strong Friendships Essay

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When you were younger you probably believed in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and maybe even the tooth fairy. What you believe in now has probably changed drastically. As you mature, your life is going to change and so are all of your beliefs. Now I know that Santa is my parents, and I know that, even though I still get an Easter basket, that the Easter bunny isn’t the one to drop it off. And as I get even older I know that my beliefs now will change, but three things I strongly believe in now are strong friendships,

One idea I strongly believe in is strong friendships. I’ve been through many fights with multiple friends, and it all seems to end the same way. It seems like there’s only a handful of people out there who aren’t backstabbers. I have four best friends, people who don’t care how dorky I act in public, people who will be there when I need a shoulder to cry on, and people who won’t leave me when we have one little fight. One example of strong friendship is the relationship I have with Aria. We recently had a fight over just not hanging out anymore and ignoring each other. We didn’t talk at all that day, but the very next day, she wrote me a whole page of why she’s sorry, and I did the same. We haven’t fought since. Another example of strong friendships is the relationship I have with my sister Rachael; she is one of my best friends. When we were younger, we absolutely hated each other, as we got older, I guess we realized we were more alike than we thought. A third example of strong friendships is my relationship with Jessica and Kenzie. I never really liked either of the all too much until just this year, but now we’re so close and tell each other everything.

Another important thing I believe in is respect. I think you need to treat all people with your utmost respect, until you have the chance to get to know them; treat people the way you want to be treated. One example from life isn’t about me being disrespected, it’s about one of my friends, he’s gay, and he is constantly being told that ‘being gay should be illegal’ and that ‘all gay people should die.’ When I hear people saying things like that, it just makes them sound unintelligent. Another example is when I was in sixth grade, I just moved to Watertown. I’ll admit, I wasn’t all too attractive or “popular” and it was so hard to make friends because people would judge me before they even knew the kind of person I was. I also think that people need to treat adults with all the respect they have in them. My third example is the way some kids treat teachers and their parents. They like kind of brag about