Essay on Beliefs: Greatest Hits Albums and Small Town

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The main cultural value that I have been pushed to have is faith. Faith in this instance is not only from a religious perspective, but it is confidence oriented. The main reason I make this one of my main cultural beliefs is because I am from such a small town where people make the best of what they have. Growing up my family had everything that we needed to be a great family and that is still the situation. Now it is hard to put two kids through college and then send one of them through grad school. Faith is something that are parents instilled in us. They make sure that everything is going to be ok for our family and they strive to everything they can and they would not be able to do all of it without faith. Faith also comes out for me in athletics. This type of faith is directed towards my determination. Being from our small town in Selma Indiana, we didn’t have anything to do besides be active in sports. For most of the kids the only way that you were going to make your way out of Selma was to go somewhere on a sport scholarship. From the beginning my parents and my older sister pushed me to be the best that I could and with this mentality I had faith and determination every day and I never doubted what I was doing. That got me to where I am now. This cultural belief alone has made me have a successful life. I have the family that you see on TV that just has a great time whenever they are together. We get together on holidays and celebrate. We get together for weddings and celebrate. There are even times in between there where we meet up to have dinner and just enjoy each other. This gets everyone away from their problems and their stress that they have and gives them a few hours to relax and talk about anything else. One of the other cultural ideas that benefits me in my life and has helped me get to where I am is loyalty. I believe that trust and loyalty come hand and hand. You can not have someone’s trust and not be loyal at the same time. Loyalty is something that I believe our cultural is forgetting about. When you think of loyal people, not that many people come to mind. That’s why this idea was not one that came from society, but one that was taught to me by my older sister. Growing up around a girl taught me how to treat women. It taught me how to respect them and that women are valuable. I have always had good relationships because of what my sister showed me and taught me. I see relationships going around with men and women now where they are not happy and most of the time the female is not happy because of the male. Treating someone with respect and dignity and being loyal to them is ideal in having a fulfilling relationship with anyone. A family like mine is, is the kind I want to raise and have when I am older. It will be easy for me to have this family when I know that my wife is in the relationship fully. One of the other beliefs that play a huge role in my life is pride. Growing up in that little town and having nothing else do to besides sports, made you only think sports. Every athlete I ever played with in high school played with pride. Pride is not just a part time word that you use every now and then. For me it is a belief an idea and a way of living. The way that I take pride in myself got me to where I am today. When I play any sport my tough mentality makes me what to do the very best that I can do every time that I am participating. This is a sense of pride. I want to do the best job that I can do however that may be. To be successful in a small town you had to take pride in yourself and in what you did. My baseball team was small and not very talented, but we took pride on our way of going about the game. We played the best we could and did everything we were capable of. Going about baseball in that way led us to an IHSAA state baseball championship game, where honestly we had no business being there. But we wanted it more than them and we played harder and smarter than any opponent