Beliefs: Religion and Mrs. Cristantiello Elements Essay

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Heaven Rosado
Mrs. Cristantiello
Elements of Communication
March 13, 2013
Belief Speech . A belief is something that is believed in, or an opinion. This means not everyone will agree with one another's beliefs. There are various types of beliefs that concern different topics, such as religion, politics, and ways of life. I believe in being unique and expressing yourself. Being unique means you are one of a kind, or different. Everyone is different, even though some people may have some similarities, no two people are exactly alike. No one should try to change themselves to fit into the "in" crowd. Some people are afraid to be different, but being different helps you stand out and defines who you are as a person. Imagine a world where everyone was exactly the same; it would be a very monotonous. The world would also be a much more peaceful place if we could except each other's differences. For example the Crusades was started because of religious differences. Uniqueness can also increase our education; with diversity we can learn new ideas to benefit our society. There are numerous ways to express our uniqueness, whether it's the way we act, speak, or dress. Sometimes we take the ability to express ourselves for granted, and get caught up with what everyone else is doing. In communist countries like China people are not allowed to express themselves. If you build up a fake persona you won't have anything in common with your friends. If you spend all your time…