Believe In Yourself Essay

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Believe in Yourself
I as a person, I carry a lot of confidence around and it reflects through my skills and personality and my values. I think my main skills are my ability to lead people and control situations when conflict may rise or something important happens. I like to be there to comfort things and or calm things down. I am an athlete also so I love playing sports especially Soccer. I plan to take it professionally if I possibly can; I love to play the sport because it involves skill and footwork. Most of my interests involve the movement of the body like dancing, I adore dancing I just like moving my body and creating art through it. I like ability to move freely to a great beat and try to keep up with it. Also listening to music is vital to me, because if I do not have music I cannot dance. Music takes me somewhere that no other hobby or event can. I just love the sound of a beat and moving my head to it and sharing great music with friends. I am visual learner, so I like when people use pictures, projectors and boards to explain because I am more attentive. It makes to understand the subject or topic the teacher might be presenting. I am outgoing, humorous, nice person, I love to make people laugh and also I have a caring heart when I sense when someone is not feeling so good. I am really observant to people’s mood and their personality, I can tell when someone is feeling down, or wanting to be alone. I value a lot of things, like good health, meeting new people,…