Believe It Or Not Bigfoot Essay

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Believe it or Not: Bigfoot How Bigfoot came about is a mystery. We know that there have been many sightings of Bigfoot, stories told of him all over the world, close encounters with the creature, and footprints found. We do not have, however, actual proof that Bigfoot is real. No one has ever captured one or killed one. Bigfoot may or may not be real, but there is always the possibility that he could be lurking around in the woods somewhere. Maybe he is near you. Bigfoot is known by many names. These names differ from place to place where he is sighted. Over in the Himalayas he is known as the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman. He is also known by these names in the North around Canada and Alaska. Around further south, around the Mideast, he is known in general as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In the Midwest he was more commonly known as the Wild Man of the Woods. Even further south, as in Florida, he is called the Skunk Ape. Of all the people who have claimed to see Bigfoot the description in the reports are virtually the same. The creature is anywhere from 6 feet tall to 9 feet tall. They have long, muscular arms, wide shoulders, large hands with opposable thumbs, barrel chested, with a human like face and eyes, and of course, they had large feet. Other people also say that the creature is covered in hair, not fur, but the face is still visible. No one is sure if any reports specify if the creature has ears. We are also still unsure of the exact color of Bigfoot. The witnesses have been in argument over whether the hair of Bigfoot is black, dark brown, or a reddish color. Bigfoot has mainly been sighted in all states of America, including Alaska and Hawaii. The main areas where sightings occur are along the edge of the west coast, and in the Middle East to the Atlantic Ocean. Some reports of sightings even come from the Northeastern parts of Canada (Campbell). Bigfoot has mainly been seen in forests and woodsy areas. Based on maps of Bigfoot sightings, he stays very far away from heavily populated areas, but can be seen around small towns out in the country even if there are no trees. There have also been reports of Bigfoot being in national parks such as Yellowstone, and in swamps in Florida. Anywhere you go there has probably been a Bigfoot sighting somewhere nearby you. On June twenty second, a 19-year-old, freshman college student was driving on a curvy road near Rhinebeck, New York, on the way to a professional rehearsal. He noticed something blocking his path in the road. He tried to swerve away so he wouldn’t hit it. When he looked in his rearview mirror he saw the something in the road was a box and a plastic bag but then he noticed something walking on two feet like a human. The college kid described it as being covered in black hair, having broad muscular arms and shoulders and upward facing palms. The creature did not attack him nor did it seem interested in him. It simply just walked away on its two legs and into the woods out of sight (Animal Planet). “A lack of evidence does not mean a lack of existence,” ( The oral stories that have been passed down didn’t just appear out of thin air. While it’s true that these stories could be completely fictional, but it is more likely based off of an actually event. Why? Because rather than creating images from their minds, prehistoric man usually drew, told stories, and warned about real things that they’ve seen or heard. Many believe that Bigfoot does not exist, and that people should not believe that he exists based solely on the fact that we have found footprints that we think belong to Bigfoot. However, many professional teams, amateur teams, and even common everyday people have gone searching for this mysterious monster and have found things such as tracks and footprints. Some people have even found the same things, but smaller in size than the originals, which leads specialists to believe that those may be tracks of a female and child