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Assessment reading RAF 2 and 5

The righter suggest that she is a nice calm wife and likes her husband very much but he did not give much information but. The mood changes drastically after the husband says "sit down he said just for a minute, sit down’. I think Mrs Maloney's mood changed then to cold and frightened to what is to come because Mr Maloney was strange and not caring or loving when he walked thru the door I know this because it states " Tired darling ? 'Yes,' he said I'm tired." This was quite snappy and carried on like that until he Brock up with her a pregnant woman he is leavening then Mrs Maloney killed him with the frozen lamb leg that was when she felt guilty and all thoughts on her being loving caring and just a plain nice person with nothing to hide but now she has got everything to hide and all she thought about was getting an alibi sloshes wasn't guilty for what she had done and cold and calculating but so much different than she was at the being or even that sad just need to get clean and get away with what she has done witch wasn't hard because she probably learnt things along the way with her husband being a police officer.

He creates mystery in a clever way such as the name "lamb to the slaughter" I can imagine a lamb getting killed not the lamb doing the killing. He does this so it can surprise you and make it very interesting to the reader. Things that make me want to read more and make me more interested to know what is going to happen next "sit down he said. Just for a minute it wasn't till then that she began to get scared". I think that was the most existing bit in the story because you know something is going to get killed and that seemed like the moment for something to get killed and you think it can't get worse but it