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A time for change

The passing period is now 5 minutes this year for the two largest schools in the Fairbanks North star borough school distract (FNSBSD), there has been an affect on the students & teachers. It now common knowledge that most people hate the new bell schedule. School starts at 7:45 A.M., late start was taken away, & the 30-minute lunch. Which students & teacher to prepare for their next class, some students have to go across the school just to go to their locker form one class then go across the school again to go their next class. I miss the old bell schedule, which was 7 minutes last year. I miss talking with my friends, making plans for the weekend. I miss talking with people I have no idea who they are & having the chance to make new friends. This is my last year at in Lathrop high school. I miss the asking a teacher for some help while not worrying about the next class.
The 5 minutes is not enough time to use the restroom, go ask for help with a problem you are having trouble with, & then final make a mad dash for you next class forgetting to go to your locker because you’ll be late if you did & now you unprepared for class. Many have to stress over being on time & to ether have their stuff for class & race to clock or bring all their supplies for their three classes in the mourning plus carry the books for them while not being allowed to bring a bag to the class. What I thought a high school was about making new friends, have a good time, & make