Bell Trinity Square

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Site Specific Write- up

For my site specific venue I chose Bell Trinity Square. Bell Trinity Square is located behind the Eaton Centre shopping the mall. The space is accessible through the mall or on bay street behind the mall. The space is a small square right in the middle of the busiest area of Toronto. Bell Trinity Square was supposed to be demolished years ago when the eaton centre was built. People protested against this and the Eaton Centre was reshaped to work around the Square. In the square there is a church, a water fountain and a labyrinth maze. My “stage” and main focus for the piece will be the maze. The maze is framed with a short grassy hedge and beyond that it is framed by a square patch of grass. A labyrinth is a maze
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In contrast, there are legends that the labyrinth was created by King Minos of Crete to hold a creature imprisoned in the endless path. Inspired by the history of the maze and the setting I decided that the performance will be base my performance on a modern day version of these two ideas. In modern day we are constantly provided with stimulation by technology. When connected through technology we believe we are progressing as a society, and in my ways we are. Although, with the deception of technology we are blind to what we are losing. We are losing patience, mindfulness, and real human interactions. The maze is never ending so we perceive this as freedom but, when thinking this we are deceived by the fact that we are stuck following the path that someone else set for us. When casting dancers for my show I would take into the consideration the size of the maze. The space is not big so I would only need 5-6 dancers. It doesn't matter the dancers I use as long as they are open minded and able to take instruction well. The dancers would all begin entering the square as if it was their first time. They would take immediate notice of the maze and eagerly move towards it in quicktime with very effortful movement