Research Paper On Plant Growth

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NOVEMBER 20,2014

Bella Lee
Mrs. Smith
Adv. Science
18 November 2014 Abstract
What was I trying to do: I was trying to grow plants in three weeks time with miracle grow (liquid), Miracle Grow (all purpose) and no fertilizer to see which one would grow the fastest.
How did I do it: I watered the plants every Monday, Wednesday and Friday . I also measured them every day to see if the plants made any growth at night. That’s how I did it over the past 3 weeks.
What were my conclusions: My conclusions were that the first plant on miracle grow (liquid) would grow at a faster rate than on all purpose or no fertilizer proving my hypothesis. The first plant that was on Miracle Grow (liquid) grew the fastest out of all the plants.



Statement of problem or purpose The purpose of this project was to see which one of the plants would grow faster depending on the fertilizer. Either miracle grow liquid, miracle grow all purpose, or no fertilizer in three weeks time.


My grandma gave me plant seedlings and had no clue what kind of plant they were. So my mission starts by going to Home Depot on Northlake and I spoke to Bryan in the garden department and he said he thinks it is an onalee but he was not certain. I went to a lovely woman named gladness and she was familiar with the plant immediately it grows in the Philippines where gladness was originally from. The people from the Philippines call the firework plant. A firework plant she says it can grow up to 10 to 15 feet tall. So therefore I went online and I could not find this plant under the name of firework plant so I decide to go on Google and I typed in green leaf purple underside plant from the Philippines and it gave me tons of different types of plants. I went back to Google and typed in fire work plant from the Philippines and it brought me to a website called and it said that the name of the plant was clerodendrum quadriloculare . What a strange name. maybe because the name was so long people in the Philippines called it a firework plant for short, also another reason why they called it my its nickname is because it describes the plant when it blooms.


I hypothesize that the firework plant that I am feeding miracle grow liquid will grow at a faster rate than the other plants with the all pupose miracle grow or the plant with no fertilizer.


Materials: soil pots 1.5 liter PVC pipe for measuring Black sharpie marker(heavy deputy) Miracle grows (liquid, all pupose) Measuring tape/ruler Measuring cup in ounces 2 gallon water jugs Quarter teaspoon cup Liquid syringe

1) Choose a plant that will grow quickly under Florida conditions 2) Buy materials ; 3 plants (firework) 3 pots Miracle grow Liquid feed Miracle grow All Purpose Potting soil 3) Plant1 firework plant in each of the pots with 4 cups of potting soil. Add 2.5 mil of MG liquid in a gallon(128oz) of water. Plant 2 will get all purpose MG solution (It is ¼ teaspoon per gallon(128oz) of water). Plant 3