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Bella Heath Care India

1. What capabilities and resources does a company need to develop new products? Which of these capabilities and resources does Bella India have? There are 4 competencies that a manufacturing company needs to successfully penetrate the market with new products.
1) Market Research Ability: a company needs to know in details about the market. The details include from the demand for specific function in a product, demand for specific service related to the product, to information about suppliers in the market.
2) High Quality: a company needs to insure high quality of the product in order to succeed in the market. In order to guarantee the level of quality in manufacturing industry, high level of technology
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So Bella healthcare develop simplified version of device, TKO. Most of the techniques are already existed and used in Bella health care. They can get higher profit by using little bit modified devices
They learn from last fail.
Using experience learned from ‘Project Bacon’, they can make a great success in this project. In Baton project, Bella health care in India and its’ headquarter develop a new product together. However they have a communication problem and it ruins the project. In TKO project, Mr. Manning made a task force team, so they can control the project by themselves. Also, they already experience a problem in outsourcing procedure, so they can handle potential problem more easily about outsourcing issue. And last, they have a technical ability to build the one motor model which was not done at the previous project.

2) External Aspects
India is big and continuously growing market
India has large Population, and their economy is growing. Also the professional says that patients of CAD will increases in a large number. Asian smokes a lot, and they get stressed, so they are likely to get CAD. However the number of doctors and facilities are very small, and most of them are located in the city. Though by they need a device easy to control and diagnose market prospects has green color. Market size of single-channel is biggest among others market. According to the chart, sales amount of single-channel is