Belly Fat Essay

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Currently, I have several behaviors that I shouldn’t be proud of or content with. I have some “belly fat” due to an improper diet and lack of exercise. I want to do something about it. Therefore I will set some goals. I will lose fifteen pounds to make my weight be 155 pounds and stay at or under that. I will also try to eat a healthier diet, to exercise for thirty minutes every day and to not eat after six p.m.
I will achieve these goals by doing the following. To lose the fifteen ponds I will use a calorie tracking app on my phone called, “Calorific.” It is a free application from the android market that calculates what your caloric intake should be based on your gender, height, weight, age, and target weight or target rate of weight loss. This application is convenient in that you do not have to enter exactly how many calories of something you eat. Instead, you just estimate using their handy standards. This application also gives you reminders during the day if you haven’t logged anything for about four hours. It also gives you some nutrition advice. It recommends that you eat 50 percent great foods, 35 percent OK food and only 15 percent bad foods. According to the app good food includes fruits and vegetables, non-fat milk, non-fat yogurt, egg whites, whole grain bread and pastas, healthy cereals and brown rice, etc. The OK foods are made up of white bread, white pastas, white rice, nuts, lean beef, lean pork, potatoes, olives, avocados, non-fried fish and sea food, regular cereal, unsweetened juices, low fat milk, etc. The bad food category consists of beef, pork, lamb, sausage, processed meat, cake, chocolate, ice cream, fried food, butter, mayo, margarine, pies, pastries, etc. Calorific even gives a brief description of common foods and the