Belonging Essay

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ESL Text Folio- Related text worksheet
Title- Trip to India
Composer- Author: Poonam Bhardwaj Type of text- Article
Source- News Magazine Date- 20 April 2013

Purpose- Entertain and inform people about personal lives and experiences
Audience- Adults, young adults, old people interested in reading magazine articles about migration and cross cultural issues.
Context- An article explore issues about the children born outside their motherland and their visit to their parent’s country where they find difficulties to adjust in + also find some happy moments.

Synopsis of text- This article is written by Poonam Bharadwaj who tells the story of her three sons who were born in Sydney, Australia. The article focuses exclusively on three children who visit India, their motherland for the first time with their mum and dad. The children always had many questions when Author tried to give them knowledge about their culture and colours of India. The author explains the embarrassment they felt when all the gathered relatives wanted to hug the children and they were not comfortable with it as they were not use to this sort of family interactions, here the first things was DON’T TOUCH PEOPLE. The many questions asked by the children to the author makes her feel emotional and proud of the rich culture for example- when on author’s sister-in-law’s marriage, the little one of author asked why is she crying…did someone hurt her or did someone hurt you. It was so hard for the author to explain that tears not only come when you are separation, emotions there are many reason to cry. The author answered in tears she is leaving her mother, the next question came WHY and my answer was this is the rule, when I got married to your dad I left my family and came to live with his family. Despite of all strange questions asked by the children to their mum about India came up to an end when they learned that everybody in India love them. They went to school for four weeks and one day, stood up and sang a poem in Hindi that they learnt in the school. This makes the author feels proud of them.

Ideas related to Belonging- This is a story of a mother who wants to give her children knowledge about the rich culture of India. This story shows us three children who don’t feel sense of belonging during the beginning of their first trip to India. The love they got from a big family, celebration of different festivals with relatives, and the big amount of information they got from their mum make them feel confident and give them a sense of belonging to the culture of India. Finally they get use to go to Indian school, make friends and play with them. The festivals they celebrated and gathering of relatives on different occasions make them feel that Indian culture was a part of their life which also gives them identity.

Techniques used to present relevant ideas- * Rhetorical questions and Repetition of words by children like Why we have that many Gods, Lord Ganesha must be tired of having this big nose it is so heavy and isn’t that hard for Shivaji with snake, or Why lord Vishnu has four hands, why in holi we use colours…that should take a long time to come out of the skin and is it hygienic. This shows that they are excited and confused about the religions and culture of India. * First person narration- We had been saving for three years to go to India, it is very expensive for a family like us with three kids. It shows that the author is so wanting of her children to see Indian culture.

‘Happy Feet’ is directed by George Miller. The source of this movie is Television. It is a film documentary. The purpose of this film is to entertain and inform people to accept changes in others and the food is also a concept shown by this animated movie. Children, teenagers are the audience.

This documentary is directed by George Miller. This is the story of a little Emperor penguin named Mumble who finds he is not accepted by