Belonging: Hells Angels and Relationships Essay

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A sense of belonging depends heavily on Relationships and Trust. Discuss in relation to ‘The Simple Gift’ and one other related text.

Shared experiences aid acceptance within a group and are heavily dependent on mutual necessity. Through relationships and trust it is evident that belonging is within the texts, The Simple Gift a verse novel by Steven Herrick, and an Excerpt of Hells Angels by Hunter S Thompson. A sense of Identity, trust and relationships are all within, therefore it is exemplified through these texts that an individuals sense of acceptance is heavily dependent on relationships and loyalty which are innate and shared by all humans.

By trusting those around us, belonging occurs, when you trust you find a connection to the person or thing you rely on. ‘I help old Bill/ Because of Ernie/ And Irene/ and their friendliness.’ As Billy discusses why he didn’t steal the ring he remembers why he is helping, because he has been given help along the way. The emotive language and first person narrative help to underline the values of sharing and how trust is integral to relationships and also to sustaining a sense of belonging. As Billy helps others he builds relationships, with these relationships he finds a sense of acceptance, harmony within what is happening with him. In Hunter S Thompsons excerpt ‘The Hells Angels’ the angels ‘… are intensely aware of belonging, of being able to depend on each other.’ The word Intensely makes it a values point, its something that they understand they are aware of it. The reciprocal nature of give and take, they will help each other out. The Angels realize that in order to belong they must trust each other and rely on the relationship they have formed, such as Billy from the Simple gift is making throughout his journey, therefore its evident that Relationships and trust are integral to belonging. ‘Billy had become the diary entry of my days.’ As Caitlin recalls of how she feels about Billy she realizes that she cares for him, the metaphor used and the idea of sharing intimate thoughts between Billy and Caitlin is a shared experience, the Sharing of their connection relies on trust as trust is integral to belonging the idea of sharing intimate thoughts between Caitlin and Billy is a shared experience and hence aids their mutual belonging. In contrast, The Hells Angels , they trust each other in ‘Battle’ with other gangs. The relationships they have created act like a Brotherhood, ‘If they hells angels are outcasts from society, as they freely admit… the more necessary for them to protect each other in battle’. Again demonstrating idea of the reciprocal nature within the relationships, by trusting the other angels your forming a relationship, just as Billy trusts Old Bill to show that Trust and relationships are fundamental to sustain a sense of belonging.

Furthermore, having a intrinsic trust heavily influences and nurtures a sense of personal acceptance while also aiding a sense of external belonging with others . Through self-identity and internal trust comes belonging. “So I’m normal/ a normal 17 year old girl” As Caitlin reflect on her self perception it encourages the audience to understand what it is to be ‘normal’ and how it can effect people in factoring with their sense of belonging, It creates a self assessment, a reflection. Even with Caitlin trying to find where she belongs. This also engages the reader, by trying to see if they understand where they belong and It enhances the response to ‘normality’. As Caitlin says this is becomes another shared experience. Wanting to know where we fit in, and somewhat feeling aliened. In relation to The Hells Angels, they find their identity within the gang itself. ‘Were royalty among the motorcycle outlaws’. The hyperbole of