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Belonging is never easy Belonging is never easy when you are not brave enough. As a man, you are flesh and blood. You can be ignored, destroyed or disgraced. However, as a symbol, you represent your will and soul, it can be everlasting. When our will is meant to confront the fear, courage is your weapon. You were born to nowhere, as long as you feel you are not belong. When you live with courage, things will be different. You dare to accept the thinking of others, how they think about who you are. You dare to blend into a new group, a new affiliation although you are different from them. It does not matter you are black, Asian, Greek or white; we all have individual faces but the same symbol, human beings. The first time I went to Melbourne’s high school, I did not feel any sense of belonging although there were a lot of Asians. I wanted to go home badly. I was on a one way bridge. I knew that I could not turn back. I was scared, watching my peers talk loudly with their fluently English. I was daunted, feeling that I did not belong. Fear had overcome my will, so was my confidence. As I do not speak English at home, I was afraid to be rejected when something came out from my mouth. Living in a new country has limited my socialasation. I always wonder how I can blend into a group of people who speak English everyday. I was concerned. There is a girl. She is one of the members in the group. Her eyes are crystal clear, her skin is dramatic, as white as the Snow White. Her gorgeous and natural curly hair is matched perfectly with her V-shape face. She attracts me not only she is pretty, but also special. I was terrified that I will disgrace her dignity if I talk to her, as she is a white. It was just too hard because I was not brave enough. I wished I could be the character who is called Sandra in the film, Skin. Sandra is a black while her parents are whites. She always stuck between the whites and the blacks. Conversely, she is rescued by a man called Petrus who brings her out of the white society. I hope she could be Petrus and pull me out from my limited social network, and bring me to her world. I do not like sitting in front of my