Belonging: Run Lola Run and Feliks Skrzynecki Essay

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Literary Techniques

Personal pronoun
powerful sense of connection

Inclusive pronoun
connotes ownership and connection

The arrangement of opposite elements (light and dark, large and small, rough and smooth) to create interest, excitement or drama.

Visual techniques

The salient image in a visual text is the first image that a viewer sees when looking at an image.
An image can be salient through:

Gaze demand – subject looking straight at the viewer this establishes a connection between subject and viewer offer – the figure looks away the viewer is detached onlooker

Lighting creates mood shadows may suggest concealment, fear and despair light – hope, inspiration

Modality/ credibility
Lowest modality graphics are the least real
Highest modality is most real
Influences of modality: idealisation – the image is better than real decontextualisation - components are removed from expected place and place somewhere else

Indicate meaning of…
Evoke a feeling of…
Evoke a sense of…
The overbearing presence of (Colour) evokes a sense of (description) indicating the meaning of (belonging or not belong)
E.g. The overbearing presence of grey evokes a sense of tedium, boredom and depression evoking a sense of not belonging

Red: anger, passion, danger, stop
White: peace, purity, cleanliness, life
Black: death, sickness, evil
Green: go, nature, happiness
Blue: peace, serenity, boys
Pink: love, girls
Grey: tedium, boredom, depression, confusion


Run – Lola – Run
Film – Tom Tykwer, Run Lola Run
In better responses, candidates developed a sustained discussion of the visual features of the film, exploring the film techniques. In these responses, candidates formed a thesis which enabled a detailed analysis of characters, as well as themes of love and chance, to make well-founded observations about views on society. In the best responses, candidates analysed how visual symbols, imagery and colour were employed by the director to convey a view on society.
The opening image to the whole film is of a clock. It is shown at a low angle so the clock appears larger and the audience recognizes the importance of time in this film.




Briar Rose
In better responses, candidates addressed the question in a variety of ways. They synthesised ideas from the text as whole, rather than relying on isolated incidents. In most responses, candidates focused on the allegorical portrayal of the Holocaust and how Rebecca made sense of the past while others focused on how lessons learnt from the Holocaust deepened our understanding of suffering. In better responses, candidates presented a developed discussion of various language forms and features in order to demonstrate how the composer explores suffering. Analysis was ably supported with well-selected and elaborated evidence from the text, using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form.
In weaker responses, candidates tended to address some aspects of the question. They relied on recount, narration and general knowledge. Although most were able to focus on the character Rebecca and the suffering incurred during the Holocaust, these candidates used generalised statements or short quotations that did little to establish or advance the discussion. Textual references tended to be less relevant to the question.
- metaphorical nature of the fairytale narrative

Importance of stories in our lives

The truth is never tidy

Past as prelude to the present

Educating Rita



Feliks Skrzynecki

- “Feliks Skrzynecki” explores the concept of belonging by