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Toni Morrison’s Book Beloved is full of symbolism, for example the tree, color even numbers have a more in depth meaning in her book, but one symbol that the book is obviously about is Beloved. Beloved can be a symbol for many different things, but the first has to be a symbol for the pain of the past or painful memories. Throughout the book we see how Beloved tries to help her mother realize her pain from the past in order to move on with the future. She brings even more suffering at times to Sethe in order to show her what has happened so that she can, for once, let it go. This also shoes how Beloved symbolizes history, because a lot of the book is a flash back.
Going back to Beloved symbolizing a flash back, comes with beloved also representing all slave and what they had to sacrifice because of the horrendous lives they had to live. This is clear because, even though Sethe did sacrifice her own child for what she thought was the best choice to keep her out of slavery, many other slaves also had to give up many things. Another form that Beloved can be used is that she can represent the psychological effects a slave went through because of their experience. For all we know it this can be all in their heads in a way, but beloved’s power and presence is so strong that it affect many. Another symbol that Beloved represents is the burden of living or existence. Beloved was sacrificed in order not to suffer, but then on the other hand Seth still