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The Extraordinary Ben Carson
Ben Carson is one of the most famous and respected doctors in the world. He is an extraordinary role model to people of all ages. He sends a message that anything in life possible regardless the circumstances you face. He has accomplished many great honors throughout his life. Carson speaks from experience to many audiences and speaks in a motivating way. Everyone should listen to a speech from Ben Carson because it is inspiring and is presented through his sense of humor.
While listening to the speech that Ben Carson had made to the city of Grand Rapids, I noticed that he uses a sense of humor throughout his speaking. As he states within the few minutes of his speech "It is impossible to talk to a large group of people without offending something." I believe this is why he chooses to use a sense of humor while delivering the points he makes. The style I noticed that Ben uses is Sense of Humor to maybe lessen the chances of offending his audience. Ben Carson talks about several controversial subjects that may offend listeners but he tries to lighten the load by incorporating a sense of humor. Although he uses humor within his speech, all of the material he covers is serious issues. An important subject that Ben Carson has mentioned was the talk about actions taking place to improve our education. This seems to just stay talk and no actions taking place to enhance education. There are more and more budget cuts for education and yet America has money to build the most prisons in the world. His sense of humor comes out with presenting this topic as he portrays that America would rather pay for criminals rather than the upbringing society and their education.
Ben Carson presented wonderful information and my full attention was directed toward his speaking. From the very beginning I was intrigued on what he was going to say next. Several of his points have motivated me to look at life as a challenge, and to attack the challenge. Throughout his speech multiple of his points has sparked interest to my attention and believe that his remarks are essentially true. I was extremely interested in what Ben Carson had to say about the willingness to succeed. He had discussed that he used his hardship within his early childhood to thrive him for success. Ben Carson’s inspiring story consisted of him began with him at the lowest of lows. A lousy student, falling to the bottom of his 5th grade class became humiliated by his fellow classmates. He was determined to become a better student before the 6th grade. His quote "Failure is never a failure unless you learn from it." I believe he has lived up to this quote. Ben had been a failure within his 5th grade class and had turned it to a challenge for him to become the smartest in his 6th grade class. He achieves this by having a good motive to succeed. Ben had limited TV time to just a few select programs and was refused to go outside to play until the homework is finished. It does not matter how smart you are as long you are achieved as a smart person and apply this with belief. If a person has the belief and a good motive to succeed than they have all they need to be successful.
Ultimately his speech inspired me to be much friendlier to people around me. Carson had the audience vision a society if everyone thought about others first. He thinks it would be a wonderful planet if this was