Ben Carson Research Paper

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Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan. He was delivered September 18th, 1951. He grew up in a home with his mother and brother. He was known to have anger issues as a child. He nearly stabbed a friend to death over a radio station. He almost hit his mother with a hammer because of choice of clothes. Eventually he realized he could control his anger. He also realized that he wasn’t the only one with problems and he needed to change for his mother and his future. His mother was a motivator in his life. Even though they grew up in a poor community, his mother motivated him to stay in the books and do something productive. It was a bit challenging because he was not very bright at a young age. His mother made him and his brother read two books a week from the …show more content…
This made him stay in the books and thrive in school. It was sometimes hard to do this because he went to a predominantly all white school. Teachers would berate the white students for letting a black man getting ahead of them academically. When he got to South Western High school, his teachers would mentor him and keep him on track because they saw the potential in him. He graduated with honors. He then started looking for summer jobs. With those jobs and a scholarship, he attended Yale and earned a B.A in psychology. He graduated Yale in 1973 and enrolled in school of medicine at the University of Michigan to become a neurosurgeon. In 1975 he married Lacrena “ Candy” Rustin whom he met at Yale. They moved to Baltimore and he became a resident at John Hopkins University in 1977. In 1982 he became the chief resident in neurosurgery at John Hopkins. He volunteered to go to Australia because of the lack of doctors over there. When he came back , he went to Africa to separate twins. Though the surgery was unsuccessful, he continued to do procedures. In 1997, he attempted to separate another set of twins in Zambia. It was a 28 hour surgery and it was