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It all started in Detroit, Michigan, on September 18, 1951 ( Ben Carson had been brought into this world. His full name is Benjamin Solomon Carson. His parents separated when he was eight, after it was revealed his father was a bigamist. He and his brother were raised by their mother ( His mother, Sonya Carson, was a struggling parent and highly uneducated ( His brother looked at Ben and was so excited to have a younger brother. As he went to school everyday, but he never realized how important school was. Even though his mother was uneducated herself, she pushed him and his brother to get good grades ( When Ben’s mother saw that he was having trouble seeing and reading, she used almost …show more content…
They were giggling and kicking (Washington Post). The baby's heartbeat can only be stopped for an hour, so they technically had an hour to do the most important part. One baby was finished in 57 minutes and the other in 63. ( Washington Instead of the parents having to pick a baby to save, they got to have both.
Ever since this day, Ben Carson became famous. He kept doing those surgeries and teaching others how until 2013 when he retired. He left Johns Hopkins in 2013 after more than 30 years with the institution and with an exemplary record as a neurosurgeon ( If it were not for him the two babies he saved would not be living a normal life. They are all thankful.
Now Ben Carson is involved in politics. He speaks around the country and ran for president. His story was published in 1991 in the form of a book and a movie. Gifted Hands is the name of the movie and the title of the book. It explains his whole life journey as if he is telling a story. The movie has been watched many times and people love it. It gives us a look at what it was like for him. As of right now, he is speaking all the time. He has a chance to share his story and to tell people what he believes in. Even though he didn’t become the president, he supports the new president. Now he is a contributor to Fox News
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If it were not for Jesus, those babies would not have been saved. He was guided by Him. Ben Carson taught his kids about Jesus and raised them to know him. His wife Candy loves him dearly and they are still married today.
Ben Carson helped so many families. If it weren’t for him, some children would not be able to walk. Some babies would not be able to live a normal life. There are still babies today that live with the problem of being conjoined twins. Being 65 years old today, he has had many accomplishments.
He was not the only family member with accomplishments. His brother is an aerospace engineer (IMDb). His mother pushed them both very hard and look at what they have become. In 2008 Ben Carson was awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom (IMDb). His life is full of accomplishments.
I picked Ben Carson because he reminds me of the way I feel. I used to hate going to school because of the school part. Now I love going to school. I may not be at the top of my class yet, but I am trying my hardest. I see a future for myself. He is also a faithful man. He has loved his wife since 1975. He feels compassion for his patients and stands up for what he believes