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Hello, I am Mariam Hneino and I am honoured to be speaking with you as the candidate of the Liberal Party of Ontario. As a kind, determined individual who excels in academics I hope to win your vote in the upcoming election and keep the liberal party in power. As a party if elected we would like to improve provincial economics, health care and education. Under our strong leader Kathleen Wynne the liberal party of Ontario belives it can be the change necessary. Kathleen is a strong leader with great speaking skills that believes in the people and is willing to put them first. We as a party believe that the Economy is a very important part of our province and that we should focus on improving it.
Even though our economy is striving and stable it still needs improvements. The Libreal party belive that we should raise the amount of jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. Ways that this can be improved are...
Decreasing the unemployment rate by cutting the tax payroll tax cut as much as 95% for medium and small businesses
Giving tax breaks for employers and companies for employing new employees and increasing wages of current workers
Investing money in infrastructure; modernizing roads, highways, expanding public buildings, airports, and waterways improving the province and creating thousands of jobs in the process.
Ontario is the most populated province in Canada, and its population is also rising very rapidly. To meet the demands of the growing and aging population, one of our main focuses are improving health care. Ontario needs to improve one two major parts of the health care system; hospital wait times and drug prescriptions. Ways that we can fix these problems are…
Reduce long waits for operations and emergency rooms by increase funding of hospitals to increasing the amount of doctors and surgeons in hospitals; and ordering surgery patients from major to minor severity.
Introducing a new drug program that will cover certain prescription drugs. Children under the age of twelve and seniors over the age sixty will be able to receive prescription drugs for free of charge. The drug program will approximately cover the cost of prescription drugs up…