Ben Goertzel and Vannevar Bush on the Future of Technology Essay

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Krystina Cerulli
Professor Karl Kline
RWS 200 2-315
March 5, 2014
In “As We May Think”, an article published in The Atlantic written by Vannevar Bush, the future of technology is concerned in the sense of changing it for knowledge rather than evil. Bush stated that the effects of science and technology have lately been in favor of warfare and that we should start moving our intentions with future technology into knowledge and good. Bush had an outstanding representation of predicting the future of technology with his article. When readers today are introduced to the memex, the modern day computer comes to mind. Although the memex does not fit perfectly to what today’s computers are, the two are more similar than different. Bush had a solid base with his predictions for the future, he had no way to perfectly match todays technology because he had no idea at the time how fast technology would develop. Turning the ideas of technology for knowledge rather than evil is also a proper way to talk about the future of technology because lately technology has been developing faster than the human brain can handle, and if we don’t get a grasp on that than technology will begin to take over. “The Singularity Is Coming” is an article by Ben Goertzel reflecting on the ideas of Ray Kurzweil. He first introduces Kurzweil and establishes credibility. Kurzweil is a successful inventor and had invented items suck as musical instruments and speech-reognition software, and has the ability to foresee what future technological advancements would benefit the world most. Goertzel