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The increasing expectations from society to organizations to operate in a socially and environmentally sustainable manner have put corporate social responsibility, CSR, on the global agenda. In order for organizations to retain their “license to operate”, they need to consider their impact on all of their interfaces. that sustainability promotes transparency, adherence, and disclosure that incorporates and promotes social equity, environmental restoration/renewal and financial performance. It is argued that in the long run, organizations that have integrated sustainability and CSR in their strategic planning processes are able to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities of programs that are safer, greener, and economical.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is one of the few companies who has successfully based their firm around corporate social responsibility. The company has 3 mission statements all based on finding unique and innovative ways to handle the chosen issues while maintaining a certain level of respect for individuals inside and outside the company and their communities. The first mission statement is the social mission which states that they will “operate the Company in a way that actively recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally”. The second is the product mission that is based on the firm’s ability to “make, distribute and sell top quality; all-natural ice cream flavors that will continue to be committed to incorporating wholesome natural ingredients and advertising ways business can practice respecting the Earth and the environment”. The last mission statement says that it will “operate the Company on a viable financial foundation of maximizing shareholder wealth by being profitable and continuing to develop possibilities for expansion and career growth for all employees”. Since the beginning of the firm, the company has been dedicated to their mission statements and fulfilled their promises to society.
Folowing the three conscious principles of CSR, their first mission statement is considered a social mission. They claim to have a progressive and unbiased social mission that seeks to meet human needs and eliminate injustices in our local, national and international communities by integrating these concerns into our day-to-day business activities. Our focus is on children and families, the environment and sustainable agriculture on family farms.

The three aspects (i.e. social, environmental and financial) create a platform referred to as the “triple bottom line”. Ben&Jerrys took on a far from traditional approach and created a company based on introducing an ethical vision