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Benchmarking ... bullwhip effect -supply chain forecasting, and safety stock and production problem.
- results in excess cost on the order of 12-25% at each firm in the supply chain, which can be a tremendous competitive disadvantage
business process reengineering (BPR) the radical rethinking and redesigning of business processes to reduce waste and increase performance
(introduced in the early 1990's, result of growing interest in customer relationship management strategies regarding how to meet delivery due dates, how to successfully resolve customer complaints, how to communicate with customer and how to determine the logistics serves required demand management systems and strategies with the objective of matching demand to available capacity, either by improving production scheduling, curtailing demand, using a back-order system, or increasing capacity distribution network ... enterprise resource planning (ERP) ... ethical and sustainable sourcing purchasing from suppliers that are governed by environmental sustainability and social and ethical practices fourth-party logistics providers (4PLs) company hired to manage all of a firm's logistics and supply chain management capabilities global supply chains ... greenwashing making environmental claims for products that are misleading or exaggerated inventory visibility the ability to communicate with and continually assess the entire supply-cahin.

high- reduce the likelihood of stockouts or excess inventories lean production system (JIT) a common form of inventory management also referred to as the "Toyota Production System." Implementing this form of production results in faster delivery times, lower inventory levels and better quality.

Important aspect= QUALITY
*TQM=total quality management
JIT stands for just in time material requirements planning (MRP) software application used for managing inventory. linked throughout the organization and supply chain partners operating exposure ... perfect order fulfillment orders arriving on time, complete, and damage free process integration ... reverse logistics activities along the supply chain, intermediate and end customers may need to return products, obtain warranty repairs, or may need to throw away/ recycle products. (the normal flow of materials down the supply chain towards the end consumer is reversed) right-shoring combination of on-shore, near-shore, and far-shore operations into a single, flexible, low-cost approach to supply chain management second-tier suppliers and customers the suppliers' suppliers and the customer's customers six sigma quality total quality management strategy in place to ensure continued quality compliance among suppliers and with internal production facilities .........FIX........
Logistics -third foundation of supply chain management
-involves a trade-off between cost and delivery timing or customer service.
-desired outcome is better customer service supplier certification Allow buyers to assume the supplier will meet certain product quality and service requirements covered by the certification, thus reducing duplicate testing and inspections and the need for extensive supplier evaluation

(can be company designed and administered or or internationally recognized and standardized programs) supplier evaluation determining the current capabilities of suppliers supplier management encouraging or helping the firm's suppliers to perform in some desired fashion supply chain ... supply chain management (scm) ... supply chain performance measurement -help firms keep track of their supply chain management efforts
-help firms decide the value of these tactics and should be developed to highlight performance within the areas of purchasing, operations, logistics and integration

(crucial for firms to know if certain strategies are working as expected-or not- before they become financial drains on the organization) supply chain responsiveness ... sustainable supply chain green