Bend It Like Beckham Gender Roles

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A fight to bend cultural and gender roles on and off the field. That is what I learned when I watched the movie Bend It Like Beckham. This controversial eye opener unleashed the complication of and controversy of trying to change the minds of the people and family around them to except the dreams of going pro in the game they love, soccer.
Jess is upstairs watching Manchester play England. Imagining herself in the game as a Sportscaster shouts “There is Bhamra. It is a fine header, and she has scored! It is a goal by Jess Bhamra! A superb header, beating the defender and planting the ball beyond the goalkeeper's left hand. Jess Bhamra Makes a name for herself at Old Trafford!” Jess smiles with pride as David Beckham wraps his arm around her neck in celebration of their
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There is this idea in people’s minds that if you are a physically fit woman without makeup on or a boyfriend you are automatically labeled as butch or lesbian. This was addressed in this movie when Jules mother was always commenting on the love of the sport and how every other girl in town was going out with guys and wearing pretty things but all Jules wants is sports bras and soccer. Jules finally defended herself and said, “Mother, just because I wear trackies and play a sport does not make me a lesbian!” Jess’s family didn’t know what a lesbian was their remarked was “Lesbian? Her birthday's in March. I thought she was a Pisces.” Which was a very funny moment that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t paying close attention? Getting back to a more serious note, Jules mother’s reaction to her playing soccer was shocking not only for her insufficient support for her own daughter but from knowing the author felt the need to address the issue because this movie came out merely a decade ago. I don’t recognize this as a problem in today’s world where people are celebrating athletes like Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles for their accomplishments at the