Benedict Arnold: Hero Turned Traitor

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Benedict Arnold:Hero Turned Traitor
Benedict Arnold, a hero turned infamous traitor, was a soldier that grew up in Norwich, Connecticut and dying in London and is most known for betraying the American forces fighting the British in the Revolutionary War for independence. He was a patriot and a traitor.
“Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741 to Hannah Waterman King and Arnold’s father” (US History). Benedict Arnold was not the person with the name Benedict Arnold. “Some of these men were a governor of Rhode Island and Benedict Arnold’s father”(US History). “His mother was very prosperous before having met Benedict Arnold’s father” (US History). He was one of the few children of his mother not to pass away to yellow fever. His father
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Benedict Arnold helped in capturing Fort Ticonderoga. This was his first victory with the ability to give commands. He led four hundred men into Fort Ticonderoga and helped capture the fort. “After this feat Benedict Arnold was appointed the position of colonel”(US History).Benedict Arnold also led an attack on Quebec. “This attack ended in failure, nevertheless Arnold was given a promotion and named brigadier general”(US History). Benedict Arnold played a crucial role in the surrender at the Battle of Saratoga. Benedict Arnold was severely injured in the Battle of Freeman’s Farm. His leg was injured when his horse pinned it down. “Then Washington appointed Arnold military commander of Philadelphia. Benedict Arnold was passed over several times for a promotion”(Mount Vernon). He was frustrated with not getting the recognition he thought he deserved.Benedict Arnold wanted a promotion and to be able to have an important commanding position. So he wanted a important commanding position. Benedict thought of an idea to negotiate with the British to get an important position in the British Army. Benedict Arnold met a royalist and started to talk to her. She had a connection with a British spy. Benedict Arnold continued to talk to her. He was upset with the Americans not giving him more credit than he deserved. During this time men started to talk about how Benedict Arnold fell in love with a royalist. …show more content…
Benedict Arnold struggled to find a job in London. The British had mixed-feelings about Benedict Arnold. The British would never have full trust in Benedict Arnold after he betrayed the Americans, but gave the British secrets of the Americans. The Americans would despise him for the remainder of his life. “When the British and French began to fight in the Napoleonic Wars Arnold tried to fight again”(US History). After this he moved to Canada from London so he could enter the shipping business in Canada. “Benedict Arnold’s neighbors did not like him so he moved back to London”(US History) His neighbors did not like him because he was known as a traitor. He started a business in London the would eventually fail. Benedict Arnold eventually gives up on being an entrepreneur and running his own business. Benedict Arnold would die a lonely man and be a hated man until he would pass. Benedict Arnold would die at the age of sixty from swelling in his skin. “Benedict Arnold would die on the day of June 14, 1801 and he died as a infamous traitor and being hated by all Americans and his wife would join him in death three years after”(US