Benedict Arnold: Traitor or Hero Essay

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Benedict Arnold: traitor or hero

The average kid grows up learning that Benedict Arnold is known as the one of the greatest leaders of all times. He was a well-respected general but yet congress would not acknowledge him for his heroism. Displaying this betray towards the once loved general was shown at freeman's farm, the once place Benedict Arnold fought in the great Saratoga battle. There the famous boot monument stands displaying not only Arnold's heroism but treason as well. The "boot monument” tells the story of his wounded left leg during the great Saratoga battle. On the contrary, the monument does not display his name. This factor is because of his recorded history of treason. It is clearly shown that the monument represents
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The two main factors for Arnold's belief of treason were because of debt and his hatred for congress. During 1777, Arnold suffered disappointment when 5 soldiers were promoted over him or a position. The biggest reason this made him upset was because he had seniority over them. In additional, later on congress accused Arnold of abusing his power for his own selfishness. Although Arnold was cleared from any charges, congress still forced George Washington to demote him. Arnold felt betrayed. Arnold also experienced financial problems. After marrying his wife, he and his family accumulated in debt. In the end after being caught or treason, Arnold fled to British territory for protection. A man that was supposed to standup for our country was standing being enemy protection. Does this sound like a leader to you?

Although Benedict Arnold was thought of as a traitor, history will never forget the amazing leadership he provided our country with and everything he accomplished for America. He even had a statue dedicated to his honor, but because debate of treason his name was never put-on the statue and the name remains. In some ways congress committed treason to benedict Arnold, depriving him of his heroism. Arnold's great leadership was his readings he's thought of as a hero.

The main factors Arnold's thought of as a hero was because his skillful leadership through his