Benefit: Music and Creative Industries Essay

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It mapped into the creative industries sector the following activities: Advertising, Architecture, Arts and Antique Markets, Crafts, Design, Designer Fashion, Film, Interactive Leisure Software, Music, Television and Radio, Performing Arts, Publishing and Software.

we would be well advised to treat the first book actually titled ‘creative industries’ - Richard Caves’ Creative Industries: Contracts between Arts and Commerce (2000), which magisterially canvasses the economic and contractual dynamics that link the established arts and media while giving us handy watchwords by which to grasp these dynamics – as a harbinger of things to come in that market. However, Caves is concerned to constitute commonalities across the arts- media spectrum and does not take the definition of creative industries beyond these commonalities. Therefore, some one argue that it is too narrow, and then from a business economics perspective, recent canvassing such as that of John Howkins’ The Creative Economy: How People make Money from Ideas (2001) has given us a very broad but bracing definition: the sum total of four sectors – the copyright, patent, trademark and design industries –together constitute the creative industries and the creative economy (Howkins 2001: xiii). Therefore, these research discuss the relationship of culture industry and the economy, which help the development of this industry and contribute to the economy. +经济发展的证据

Secondly, research about the culture and creative policy in this field. It helps government does well strategies to develop this industry.

Thirdly, research in emotional labor. Our findings here support those