Benefit Of Standardized Testing Essay

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There are many benefits to standardized testing. For example, all students of the same age or grade are tested on the same material, so everyone has a fair chance at scoring well on the exam. Another example is that they are easy to take and grade. One last example is that it’s easy to tell which students have the concepts down and which students need a little more help with the concepts. If we stop or cut down on standardized testing, how will we measure how well the student knows the information?

Everyone has a fair chance of doing well on the exam for a couple of reasons. First of all, everyone is tested and graded on the same material, meaning that the same type of questions are given to every student. Students are taught the material that will be on the test before the exam (unless it’s a pretest).
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This is both time efficient and allows teachers more time to teach rather than grade tests.

It’s very simple to point out which student needs more help with one subject, or which student has the material down. If one student got almost all of their math questions wrong, then they can work with a teacher after school to help them. The same goes for any other subject that a student needs help with. Educators can also see how the student has progressed over time. They may have flunked their math test in the beginning of fifth grade, but they may have aced it at the end of sixth with some extra help and dedication.

Although some people think that standardized testing is a waste of time or that it doesn’t help students learn, it actually is very efficient and students learn a lot from standardized testing. Some benefits are that every student of the same grade in one state takes the same test on the same material, standardized tests are easy to administer and grade, and it’s easy to see where students are with the material being tested. Why would we get rid of tests that do their