Benefits And Pos Of Doughnuts

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Potato puff
Eggs 2,water ½ cup,flour ½ cup,potatoes1/2 cup boiled and mashed,salt,black pepper,red chilli,coriander leaves ,butter ½ tsp,oil for frying.
In a sauce pan mix water and butter bring to boil,add mashed potatoes add salt,bp,red chilli pwdr and coriander ,mix add in eggs heat oil and drop with spoon.

Chicken doughnuts
Chicken mince 1/2kg,potato 2 boiled,eggs 3 boiled,plain flour 1 cup,green chilli,bread crumbs 1 cup,baking powder ,cumin,besan,red chilli pwdr,garlic and ginger paste,mint salt,oil.
Boil and mash potatoes ,chicken,mashed eggs,flour,breadcrunbs,cumin,chilli pwdr,garlic and ginger paste, now add green chillies,and mint leaves,salt.
Mix well so dough forms.cut out shapes with a doughnut cutter,fry.

Fish finger
Boneless fish 500g,1 egg white, orange food colour,ginger garlic paste,red chilli powder,turmeric,corn flour 1 tbsp,salt,oil for frying.
In bowl mix egg white and plainflour add cornflour.garlic ginger paste,red chilli pwdr,turmeric,food colour,salt mix to make smooth batter dip fish and fry.

Chicken nuggets with honey mustard
For batter:1 egg,cold water 1 cup,baking soda,flour 1 cup.
Chicken nuggets:chicken 300g,tapioca starch 75gm(sabud dana),bread 4 ,milk 100ml,garlic 1tsp,egg1,salt,bp,oil for frying.
For batter beat egg add ice water add flouradd baking soda mix lightly,use ice cold water.
Chicken nuggets:chicken,tapioca,egggarlic,salt,milk,bread,bp.shape nuggets and dip in batter and fry.
Dipping sauce:mustard,mayonnaise,honey,wostershire sauce mix. russain salad potatoes,carrots,apple,walnuts,raisons,mayonaise,salt,bp,cream 4 tbsp.

bean salad kidney beans,sweetcorn,tomatoes,onion,greenchillies,corriander,salt,bp. dressing:zeera roasted,hot sauce,lemon juice,bp,olive oil chickpea salad chickpea,tomato,onion,corriander,lemon juice,ketchup,chilli sauce,oil. pasta salad pasta,sweetcorn,springonion,pineapple,cucumber,mayonaise,ketchup,hot sauce,lemon juice,salt
Chocalte mousse
Melt 150g doubble cream until thick,melt 100gms chocalte in doubble boiler when melted take of heat and heat up 1/2 cup mile mix this into the chocolate mix fold in cream and put in fridge. reshmi kebab
1/2 kg boneles chicken,2tbspbesan,1tspginger paste ,1tsp garlic paste,green chillies,corriander,4tbsp milk powder,4tbsp cream,1 egg,2tbsp lemon juice,3 tbsp butter,3 tbsp coconut,cumin 1tspcorriander,bp.1/2 cup bread crumbs.small diced onion,mint leaves. mix all together fry. talipia fish marinate fish with garlic and ginger paste,haldi,soka dhania,curry powderchilli powder,salt,bp,lemonjuice,.befor frying dip fish in to plainflour comined with salt and pepper.
2 min chocholate mug cake
4 tbsp plainflour,4tbsp sugar,1tbsp coco powder,1 egg,1/4 tsp baking powder,3 tbsp oil,3tbsp milk,some chocalte on top. mix all ingredients togther with fork make sure its lump free fill mug half way sprinkle chocalte on top microwave on high for 2mins. chocolate mousse
100g plain chocolate,50ml milk,200ml double cream,melt chocolate over a double boiler.boil milkwhisk into choc.whip 150ml cream fold in.fridge. macaroni cheese recipe
250g macaroni,40g butter,40g plainflour, 600ml milk,250g grated cheeses,sweetcorn boil macaroni in water set aside.melt butter in pot add plainflour mix add in milk gradually cook on slow heat add in salt,blackpepper,chillipowder,cook until sauce thickens take off heat and mix in half the cheese mix in macaroni and sweetcorn place mix in dish add grated cheese on top.grill. arabian baked pasta macaroni,chickenmince, salt,tomato chopped, blackpepper, paprika, onion,garlic,olive oil, white sauce plainflour 3 tbsp,butter 3tbsp,salt,bp,milk 3 cups, egg3,chedder cheese to oil add onion and garlic paste,sautee,add chicken,salt,bp,tomatoes, .make the white sauce heat butter add flour add milk salt,bp cook until slightly thickend take of heat add 3 eggs to mix add in the macaroni and chicken mix top with cheese ,grill white chicken kharia fry garlic and ginger paste