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The American Association of Blacks in Energy is a professional organization of African Americans in the energy industry. Through its Scholarship Program, AABE seeks to help increase the number of African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans (underrepresented minorities) in energy related fields. By doing so, we help our nation address a critical need and a challenge to our future economic vitality in the world market.

Eligibility Candidates for an AABE scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria:
Have, minimally, an overall “B” unweighted academic average (3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale).
Be a graduating high school senior who has applied to one or more accredited colleges/universities.
Plan to major in business, one of the physical sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics fields in preparation for a career in the energy sector.
Be a member of one of a class or group of individuals who has been historically underrepresented in the sciences, technology, engineering and math related disciplines.

Scholarship recipients - known as AABE Scholars - are determined each spring by the organization’s local chapter scholarship committee for local scholarships and by the National Scholarship Committee for national scholarships. Recipients receive notification of their selection.

The _____________________ Chapter of AABE will award _______________________________. The top winner’s application is forwarded to compete for a ____________ Regional Award of $3,000 (The ____________ Region is one of six AABE Regions). Additionally, a “Rufus D. Gladney” Premier Award of $5,000 is given annually to the candidate who is judged to demonstrate the most outstanding achievement and promise. National Awards are made to the students upon presentation of proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university. Distribution of local chapter awards are made at the discretion of the local chapter upon proof of enrollment at an accredited college or university.

The Application Package
Consideration will be given only to candidates submitting complete application packages which include: (1) a completed AABE application form (copies are acceptable); (2) an official high school transcript; (3) official proof of ACT or SAT scores; (4) two letters of reference; and (5) a completed checklist. Please redact Social Security Numbers from any documents.

Complete application packages MUST BE POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN March 1, 2014 and submitted to the local AABE chapter listed below. Applications returned to the AABE national office or the National Scholarship Committee is in violation of procedures and will not be considered for scholarship support.

Mail Application to: American Association of Blacks in Energy Attn: Scholarship Committee ______________________________________ ______________________________________

In lieu of mailing, complete application packages may also be scanned and emailed (by the due date) to the following email address: __________________________________________.

NOTE: Files larger than 2.5 MB may need to be zipped or reduced to ensure delivery. SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Name_____________________________________________________ Phone (_____) ___________________ Last First M.I.

Address____________________________________________________________________________________ Street City State Zip

Email address ______________________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone (______) ________________ Date of Birth ________________________ Sex: M__ F__

Ethnicity (optional): African-American __________ Native-American _________ Hispanic __________

Other ______________


Father____________________________________________________________________________________ Name