Benefits Of Being An Aquarist

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Skills required-
To be an aquarist, the following skills are required: it is important to know how to scuba dive and to maintain tanks and feed fish. They need to be healthy and in good shape because they often participate in collecting trips and research expeditions.
Aquarists should be able to adapt to changes in water temperature, and excellent vision and hearing are required, just as they should have stamina and be able to lift heavy things when needed.

Aquarists are the ones responsible in maintaining public aquariums, zoos, pet shops… To be able to do that, the applicants must take Science classes like zoology and biology, and a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science is required. Other courses that could also be taken are Ichthyology, Aquatic sciences and Parasitology.
The applicants should also pass a diving physical examination.

Aquarists often earn between $23,000 and $32,000 annually ($11 or $15 hourly)
They are compensated with health insurance and tuition reimbursements.
Unfortunately, job openings for aquarists are low since there is a minimal construction of new aquariums in America.
Aquarists are responsible in maintaining aquatic exhibits. They check the water quality, clean the tanks, feed the fish and transport and collect new specimens.
Some aquatic exhibits are scrubbed by hands, and it is part of their task to change the water, but also to ensure that pond exhibits and plants in marsh are watered.