Benefits of being bilangual Essay

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Brigid Bechtold
English 0950.03
Benefits of learning another language
“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language that goes to his heart.” said president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. Growing up I learned two languages, Hmong and English, which helped me understand the world a little better. Learning a second language has many benefits. For starters, learning a second language gives you a sense of belonging. Growing up was hard because I had to learn two languages, but having others who went through the same events made things a little easier. For example, we would huddle up together and talk in Hmong for hours, and no one would understand; it always feels like being kids again when we speak in Hmong; it was our secret code. When people learn a second language, they have a strong bond with those who know the language. My siblings and I all speak Hmong, English and are in the process of learning Chinese, and this new language is strengthening our relationship with one another. It shows the time and effort we put into bonding with each other. Besides giving us a sense of belonging, learning a different language presents many opportunities. When people learn something new, new opportunities are given to them. First, it gives you the opportunity to travel. What fun is traveling when one cannot understand others? One of my classmates had the opportunity to travel to China and perform in the opera “The Monkey King”, because he had studied Chinese for three years. When one is traveling, it gives him or her opportunities to learn about cultures. Secondly, it is a job skill that anyone can take over to his or her career. My mother’s company needed someone who was able to translate English to Chinese, in order to expand their customers. Because my mother’s coworker was bilingual in English and Chinese, she was promoted, and went overseas. Opportunities and belonging are very important reasons to take up another language, but there are more benefits than just those, how about being a better learner. It has been proven that when one takes up another language they are improving their knowledge. When one learns or