Benefits Of Brush Goats

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When people think of summer they think of brush, grass, weeds, and trees. People dread cleaning up there fields, well studies show now you don’t need too you can use goats. Who would have thought that goats would take care of our brush and weed problems and it would even be good for your fields. Today were going to look at some benefits of controlling brush with goats, how goats can help you fields and how many goats per acre. Some benefits of controlling brush with goats are that they prefer brush and weeds over grass so they won’t endanger to grazing land of cattle. Goats clear brush beneath the tree line, which leads to healthy grass growth beneath tree lines. They are also great producers of milk and cheese. Goats help fields in many ways. They can be utilized as an affective bio-control agent to reduce weed populations. They can eliminate the use of harm-full herbicides and pesticides. Goats eat poisonous plants like hemlock, poison oak, and blackberry bushes. Brush goats also help prevent forest fires, or at best slow a fire down by eating the underbrush.
It generally takes 60 goats three to five days to clear ¼ acre of brush that is moderately dense. There should be about three to four full sized goats per acre. Sometimes it depends on how big of goats you use, what type of weeds you have and how fast you want them to be gone. There is a specific type of goat that has been labeled “brush goat” by many goat breeders, but brush goats are simply goats