Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

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Kamy Snodgras
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Stephen Dufrechou

Benefits of co-sleeping with your infant for the first six months For as long as we can remember we are always told to never sleep with your baby that you could suffocate them by rolling over on them or what not. In a study by Davies, he found that prior to the 1700's co-sleeping was a normal thing around the world. It was not until the 1800's when the western society moved away from co-sleeping to an independent sleeping arrangement claiming the child will be too attached and have security problems; you will never get the child to sleep in their own bed; the child will not learn independence; or, the child could suffocate in various ways. Well, I agree
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They even believe that this type of stimuli can compensate for the neurological immaturity at birth.

A study was performed in Barcelona on low birth weight babies and found that the low birth weight babies have less sharp reflexes, responses diminishes from auditory and visual stimuli and other neurological impairments such as reduces motor skills, difficulty adapting to their environment and even attention deficit. Another study was on infant sleep apnea and they found with the mother or caregiver co-sleeping the infant stayed in lighter sleep stages and was not affected as much as an independent sleeper. Anytime the child began to have a problem, the mother/caregiver who was also in a light sleep would realize something was wrong and would simply touch the child and they would continue normal breathing.

What makes since to me is, a baby spends 9 months growing and around thirty-four weeks the child has consciousness according to--------. Feeling safe and secure within the womb listing to the mother and her heart as music, then all of a sudden you are thrown out of this warm and safe environment into the cold and exposed. Now, you are in a foreign environment expected to sleep alone away from the one how makes you feel secure; to sleep alone with a blanket swaddling you to replace the the secure womb from which you were so comfortable in, not the same in