Benefits Of Computer Mediated Communication

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Essay about Benefits of Computer-Mediated Communication in Foreign Language Education
Computers, the internet and the advanced electronic devices have tremendously affected people’s life, the way people do their jobs and the form of communication. The education sector is not unaware of the technological impact neither the foreign language learning does. The new forms of communication leading to the technology have helped to overcome the limits of time and space, which it is defined by some scholars as Computer –Mediated Communication (CMC), Guarda, (2012). The introduction of this new the technology brings a wide range of approaches that affect the way teachers teach and students learn, however, it is clear that not only the fact of that
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Learners and teachers and among second language users themselves, diverse language teachers see great potential in computer-mediated teaching and learning”. This essay attempts to identify and understand the benefits of the CMC in regards to the foreign language learning, the study will be possible recognizing the highlight features through a brief historical perspective of CMC that identify this approach as concern to the interaction or mode to access to the information whether in a real time, (synchronous, SCMC), for instance, the voice chat or 'voice tools, or deferred time (asynchronous, ACMC), such as the mail text, discussion forum. This communication in services of language learning’ is what Kern and Warschauer (2000) named Network-Based Language Teaching (NBLT), as cited in Robert Blake, 2000, to illustrate, these are language activities performed by means of local or global communication network.

Reviewing literature about computer-mediated communication, the term CMC was first coined and introduced by Hiltz and Turoff (1978). The CMC is seen as the new environment that
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