Benefits Of ICT In ESL Education

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3.4 Barriers to teachers’ use computers
There is no doubt that using ICT in ESL education facilitates students’ learning process and improves teachers teaching the process. A common fact which is analyzed in the articles is the challenges ESL teachers anticipate when integrating technology into their classrooms (Wathudura, 2017). Rabah (2015) identifies teachers’ perceptions of the challenges and benefits of ICT usage in English Quebec School Context. According to this study, the barriers that impaired the ICT use in English are: lack of infrastructures of technological sources that needed huge funds to support the availability of technical sources, insufficient support from the leaders in educational settings, and redesign old schools to accommodate
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Jimoyiannis (2008) offered an example for such classification including school-related, technical, personal factors. The personal barriers refer to the personal qualities and choices that demotivate educators from integrating ICT in their teaching process (Jimoyiannis, 2008). Technology integration can be impacted by a variety of different factors. According to the different factors technology integration can impact, Ertmer et al. (1999) classified barriers as first order and second order. Lack of resources that are outside of the teacher is considered as first order barriers. While his classification is dated, the concepts hold true today. Multiple research studies have identified one of the most common obstacles to technology integration is lack of technological tools (Hew & Brush, 2007; Spektor-Levy & Gronot-Gilat, 2012). Second-order barriers are what occur due to the factors within the teachers, such as their skills or …show more content…
Bush (2003) stated in his education proposal that the quality of school directly affects students, teachers and parents. Yet there are a lot of children can be found with illiteracy, self-doubt and low expectations. Children who are illiteracy are left behind in a continuously developing world. School administration believes school should use latest technology to improve student academic performance (p. 2, 24). Although any child is not left behind (NCLB) Act of 2002 has emphasized the administrators to change the school curriculum into a standardized one. President Bush has recently started a process of developing the education system. As a result the public is waiting to see the improvement in the