Benefits of Online Courses Essay

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For college students, studying can present many challenges due to new environment that they did not exhibit from high school such as fewer classes and shorter lengths of class time. One must utilize a refined time management skill in order to not drift afar from their priorities. However, not all students can enjoy the privilege of studying at will; work and parenting can contribute to unanticipated events which can rob the opportunity for studying. With the existence of online course, it can provide flexibility for various students to accommodate different situations. Flexibility comes to mind when taking online courses. The ability to studying whenever and wherever is attractive for busybodies. Not all students have the privilege of attending actual classes due to real life obligations such as the need to support a family can take advantage of this service. Personally, I work part time to support my family’s needs. This limits my options to schedule a class during my work schedule however, if rent is needed to be paid, sacrifices and changes will need to follow. In this sense, the dynamic aspect of online classes can provide this need. A person with a disability of any sort can also consider this path. Traveling can be difficult if a person has a condition which impairs their eyesight or weak health. With the existence of the internet, information can be gathered without leaving their home. For students with serious injuries that require them to be stabilized and not move, this service can be highly beneficial for recuperation.
For students such as me, college credits can be quite expensive. A budget course would be optimal when trying to spend within limits. Currently, online classes are cheaper than conventional classes taken at a classroom. The amount might not be much but every little bit counts. I have taken online courses in the past and the extra money I save usually goes into either savings or helping the family out. Being the first generation immigrant, my work options are limited due to the language…