Benefits Of Shipment Tracking

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Shipment tracking solution helps
100% Express win new business thanks to BlackBerry solution
100% Express specialises in transporting bank documents, including mail, parcels and cheques.
Based near Lille, this dynamic SME has an annual turnover of almost 5 million euros. Every day it provides more than 2,000 banking institutions with transportation services thanks to its 80 drivers which deliver its customers’ banking and insurance mail.
Key Benefits
• Real-time geo-location and data transmission
• Competitive differentiator, leading to winning new business • Compliant with strict customer requirements
• Ease of use a key success factor
The Challenge
The transportation is mainly carried out at night and in line with very strict regulations (CRBF 97-02),
100% Express needs to use electronic tracking tools to enable it to control each stage of the distribution process and all bags are scanned in order to ensure they are tracked.
100% Express is a leader in using electronic tracking in banking transportation as it has been doing it since 1999. Due to growth in the number of banking customers and an increasingly large driving area,
“the proprietary mobile solution was stretched beyond its limits, having been introduced in 1999,” says
Belisario Rodriguez, commercial director, 100% Express. Recently, banks tightened their requirements and expect total traceability of the documents and drivers’ movements from shipping companies.
Scanning the bags was no longer enough; banks demanded quality and the automatic tracking of its goods.
100% Express needed to bring in other solutions able to fulfil the needs of its existing and prospective customers, with regards to real-time geo-location information in particular. The old solution did not provide any geo-location information so it was impossible to know exactly where the scan had been carried out or at where the bags were at any given moment.
BlackBerry Customer Success
Mobile GPS tracking & logistics management
100% Express, therefore, began looking for a reliable solution that would enable it to track the movement of bags and drivers. They had key requirements in terms of security, reliability and productivity. The solution would also have to be easy to use, be able to withstand the demands of use in the field, and securely transmit real-time tracking data back to the company offices.
The Solution
100% Express consulted with Orange, its mobile carrier, who directed it towards a solution based on
BlackBerry® smartphones. Each smartphone is equipped with a hard case, from Entermo, a member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program, and runs an application developed by Synox, also a member of the BlackBerry Alliance Program. The case provides barcode scanning, a flashlight, and a powerful second battery to help ensure that the drivers can work a full shift without having to recharge the device.
The drivers receive their delivery schedules via the Synox application on the BlackBerry smartphones.
Bags are scanned each time a bag is delivered, until the final delivery. The GPS coordinates are recorded for each scan. If an incident occurs during delivery (a parked car blocking entry to a door, for example), the driver can, also, take a picture with the smartphone’s built-in camera.
The application also alerts the driver to any irregularities in the shipping (missed scans, wrong number of articles, etc). The Synox web application helps 100% Express monitor the drivers’ progress during their rounds and produce reports in full compliance with the banks’ requirements. The solution can also enable customers to check their deliveries in real-time, using a secure web application.
The Benefits
According to Rodriguez, the BlackBerry® solution not only helps enable 100% Express to meet its customers’ requirements, it is also helping the company win new business. “We recently received an invitation to tender in the PACA Languedoc-Roussillon area to